Recipe: ‘body skirt’ steak with cepes


It’s exciting when a top butcher like Chris Godfrey tells you about his favourite cut of beef and you’ve never tried it! This is what ‘body skirt’ steak looks like, a narrow strip of meat about 1cm thick and 40cm long. It comes from near the diaphragm of the cow and there are only two pieces [...]

Wines with meat characteristics

Henri Bonneau's wines: expensive. And meaty.

Wine with meat is hard to beat, but meaty wine can be sublime! What about this number, which has a strong aroma of bacon? Stephan Tissot Chardonnay Gravieres 2010 is an organic wine produced by one of the leading wineries in the Jura, Eastern France. It’s a beautifully balanced wine, which in addition to delicious smoky [...]

Recipe: pork belly curry

pork belly curry

Pork and Salmon is indebted to Dr Nathan Ford for passing on this fantastic recipe from an Indian source. It’s very easy to make, but there is a magic ingredient in the dish: ‘faith’. You’ve got to have faith because the curry looks unappetising at the beginning of cooking. But after a long, slow braise [...]


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