Christmas come early

Goose from Seldom Seen Farm, Leicestershire, UK

Sometimes it’s hard to get everyone together at Christmas. No problem, this means you can have goose and turkey, on separate days! Roast goose with pork, parsnip and date stuffing: Roast potatoes: Served with savoy cabbage, stock / wine reduction and apple sauce: For dessert, lemon meringue pie: Merry Christmas!

Recipe: caramel-glazed triple smoked ham


Around this time of year, many a London butcher’s shop becomes decorated by hanging triple smoked gammon hams. They offer a real taste of Christmas. Because they are heavily smoked, the ham is almost black in colour and has an intense aroma. Walking in and smelling them, it’s almost impossible not to leave with a [...]

Sexy Basque for Christmas?

Txomin Etxaniz Txacoli 2011

Txakoli is a lightly sparkling dry white wine from the Basque country. It’s made from the Hondarrabi Zuri grape and is low in relatively low in alcohol, with lots of refreshing acidity, apple and citrus flavours. For drinking young. Truly delicious, the perfect aperitif at Christmas, or at any other time of year! Txomin Etxaniz Txakoli [...]

Recipe: confit tomatoes

Confit tomatoes with bacon and eggs

Was lucky enough to find some sweet cherry tomatoes in the greengrocer yesterday. Out of season, not sure where they are from. But very tasty and only £1 for 300g. A great thing to do with them is to make this tomato confit. Roasting dehydrates and slightly caramelises the tomatoes, giving them an exceptional flavour. [...]

Merry Christmas!

Some mincemeat, recently

Isn’t it great that Christmas seems to start earlier every year? In the future, no doubt it will be a year-round celebration, with a day off to recover in January. We don’t really complain about this commercially-driven encroachment of yuletide. Why? Perhaps our minds are rendered vacant by the bombardment of festive TV ads that [...]


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