Postcard from … Girona

Girona panorama from the old city walls

Girona is a Spanish city in Catalunya, around an hour’s drive from France to the North. Despite being beseiged more than 20 times in its long history, Girona remains a bit off the radar, perhaps because it’s only 70 miles from Catalunya’s lively capital, Barcelona. But Girona is a relaxing, friendly town packed with history, [...]

Barcelona tapas tour: La Rambla to El Born via Barceloneta

setas a la plancha at kiosko universal barcelona

There are so many fabulous places to eat in Barcelona. The challenge for the greedy and time-poor visitor is to get to eat in as many of the good ones as possible. So, here’s a walking tour that takes in a diverse group of five of Barcelona’s best tapas bars which can be completed at [...]

Recipe: breaded pork loin

Breaded pork loin with green beans

Didn’t have time to go to a butcher today so ended up in the meat aisle of a small city supermarket. The meat selection in these places is usually very limited but saw some nice pork loin slices, so decided to bread and fry them. Served with some fine green beans and lots of Dijon [...]

Pop up on 17th April: Lobster Frenzy

Lobster frenzy!

On Weds 17th April, Pork and Salmon is putting on a pop-up restaurant with legendary chef Mark Blatchford. The theme is lobster, lots of lobster! Come along and enjoy three courses of crustacean, and a non-shellfish dessert. Menu: Lobster croquetas, watercress salad Fresh tagliatelle with lobster sauce Grilled lobster tails with french fries and sauce [...]

Recipe: scotch broth with leftover lamb

Scotch broth with leftover lamb

It would be nice to be cooking some of the seasonal dishes of Spring by now. But on April 4th 2013 it’s snowing in London. So more winter warmers needed, for another week or so, at least. This recipe deals with the problem of leftover lamb, which is less versatile than, say, cold pork or [...]


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