Keralan cooking

The food of Kerala in Southern India is fascinating. I’ve been lucky enough to visit the region a couple of times and it’s a very beautiful, laid-back part of the world, with lots of tropical coastline and inland waterways.

The area is cultural melting pot, having hosted Hindu, Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities over the years. In addition, the area has long produced and traded in spices, giving it the nickname ‘Spice Coast’.

The combination of spice trading and multiculturalism gives the area a wonderful culinary diversity.

An authentic Keralan meal might consist of up to 15 different dishes served simultaneously, a combination of pickles, rice, curries, condiments, vegetable dishes and breads.

In the West, I think we have a slight issue with serving food that way. We can find so many different dishes and flavours served at the same time overwhelming and prefer to eat our food in a series of courses rather than everything all at once. The Western approach makes for a longer meal, which can be a more pleasurable one.

So, this dish is an interpretation of a Keralan dish. Adapted for the Western palate as above, but without losing spiciness or flavour.

Spiced roast pork, potato and fennel seed curry, served with caramelised onions.

Keralan roast pork

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