Roast suckling Mangalitza pork loin

Mangalitza pigs were originally bred in Hungary and prized for their high fat content. They also grow woolly coats! The popularity of the breed had declined over recent years but now seems to be on the way up, driven by demand for well-marbled, fatty meat that tastes great. It has been bred in the UK since being introduced in 2006.

I recently came across some suckling Mangalitza pork loin and had to try it, being a huge fan of suckling pork. As you can see, the whole loin was quite small, weighing in at around 800g (enough for two):

whole suckling mangalitza pork loin

The idea for cooking was to roast quickly, to ensure crisp crackling yet not overcook the meat. The timings were roasting for 30 minutes at 230 deg C, followed by 15 minutes at 180 deg C, followed by 20 minutes of resting.

roast suckling mangalitza pork

The meat came out very well, with really light crisp crackling and incredibly tender meat. Will definitely be back for more! It’s available from the fantastic new London butcher Turner and George.

roast suckling mangalitza loin

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