In Spain, one of the most highly valued, and therefore most expensive, crustaceans on the menu is Cigalas. Cigala is variously translated in English as Dublin Bay Prawn (which you may have heard of), Norway Lobster (which sounds like rebranding but is actually a translation of the species name) scampi (which evokes images of breaded gloopy nuggets) and langoustine (which is a translation, but not into English). So langoustines seems like a good word to uses, given that it is both English and French. Except that in Spain, if you order langostino you may be given king prawns. Never mind – there are worse mistranslations.


Nespresso, the bafflingly successful luxury coffee capsule makers, also do baffling recipes: they recommend roasting langoustines with miso, grilled pineapple, and szechuan pepper. ┬áHere’s an alternative. Serves one


Fresh Langoustines

4-6 langoustines

Pot of cold water



Put langoustines in cold salted water. Bring to the boil and cook for a further 2 minutes. Drain and allow to cool. Eat.


Langoustines - keep it simple

Langoustines – keep it simple

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