Tasting Beaucastel

Beaucastel tasting ar Roberson

I love the wines of France’s Southern Rhône. The hot weather and terroirs there are capable of producing wines with incredible levels of fruit, alcohol and power. However, they are also capable of producing wines of incredible elegance and finesse. Both were on display recently at a tasting of Château de Beaucastel, one of the leading producers of the [...]

Wines with meat characteristics

Henri Bonneau's wines: expensive. And meaty.

Wine with meat is hard to beat, but meaty wine can be sublime! What about this number, which has a strong aroma of bacon? Stephan Tissot Chardonnay Gravieres 2010 is an organic wine produced by one of the leading wineries in the Jura, Eastern France. It’s a beautifully balanced wine, which in addition to delicious smoky [...]


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